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"Riley" Logo Design




Logo design


Graphic & Logo Designer


Riley, a specialized platform for overseas Chinese, guides you to the trendiest events in your city and connects you with fascinating individuals.  Join group chats, exchange messages, and share content with like-minded friends.  Launched in 60 countries, Riley offers integrated services like real estate, tax filing, loans, immigration, insurance, dining, travel, cleaning, transportation, and savings.

Brand Research & Goal Setting:

I connect with the project manager to understand the brand's core values, target audience, market position, and competition.  This informs the alignment of visual identity (VI) design with the brand's strategy.  After organizing data from the company's files and conducting market research, I set specific VI design objectives to enhance brand awareness, convey distinct values, and strengthen the connection with the target audience.



Empowering Canadian immigrants to build connections and supporting event planners in their success.


  1. Create a Music Source

  2. Sign Up for the Happy Source Event

  3. Complete Online Interactions

  4. Activity Feedback



Integrate the World's Best Events to our platform.

For Organizers:

ELMS (Event Logistics Management System): Streamlining event management.

For Users:

Explore and Join local events aligned with your interests.

Join Riley Events for a vibrant platform where cultural exchange and business connections flourish. Let's bring the best events to your fingertips!

Establish Design Guidelines & Color and Font Selection &Graphic Element:

  • Develop VI guidelines for colors, fonts, graphics, and logo use, ensuring consistency across media.

  • Create or update the brand logo to succinctly communicate identity and align with brand values.

  • Determine primary colors and fonts, establishing a unique visual style for the brand.

  • If needed, design supplementary visual elements like patterns or icons for enhanced visual appeal.

Version 1:

I integrated elements inspired by the outdoors into our logo design. As a brand committed to enhancing event services and communication, these outdoor elements serve as a symbolic gateway to nature and exploration. Together, we step outside, fostering mutual communication and actively participating in a variety of engaging activities.


Version 2:

I assembled a circle using individual figures, accentuating a guiding arrow with color gradients. This design embodies organization, unity, strength, and the essence of activities. For the color scheme, I've chosen a primary color (#e84031) and three secondary colors (#02508f, #eee6d7, #000000).

Version 3:

I crafted a unique font and tailored it to fashion a logo that exudes a light-hearted and delightful vibe. This font is meticulously designed to ensure our brand is instantly memorable, and its playful aesthetics not only resonate with our brand identity but also elevate the overall visual allure of our brand.


Compile VI Manual & Brand Application Testing & Feedback and Adjustments:

Develop a comprehensive VI manual outlining the accurate usage and specifications of all design elements, facilitating the preservation of brand consistency across internal and external communications; additionally, conduct thorough testing of the VI design on diverse media and platforms to ensure its efficacy in portraying the brand image across various contexts.


Brand Launch:

Apply the VI design to all brand materials and media, ensuring consistency and professionalism across various channels.

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